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Ocean Three to concentrate calls on Rotterdam

The shipping companies CMA CGM, UASC and China Shipping together form the ‘Ocean Three’ alliance. Jointly, the three carriers are to start four weekly services between Asia and Europe. ‘These will complement the two existing services, so CMA CGM will now be offering six departures a week’, says the shipping company. All six will call at Rotterdam, twice as first port of call.

Continuing to concentrate calls on Rotterdam means choosing a combination of unrestricted nautical access, the most modern terminals and the most complete package of hinterland and through connections. According to the timetables announced, there will be a reduction in services to Le Havre and Antwerp and those to Bremerhaven will cease altogether.

What the consequences of the concentration will be for the volumes loaded and unloaded will depend greatly on the size of the vessels per service. Agreements have supposedly been made between the partners about chartering more and bigger ships. CMA CGM itself has not mentioned anything about that. UASC and China Shipping have not yet gone public.

via: www.portofrotterdam.com