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Reefer management solution

Identec Solutions and WAM Technologies, a new technology division of Mark-It Services, are joining forces to address the “complex demands” of refrigerated container management in ports and terminals.

The new alliance will develop reefer container monitoring technology using Identec’s low-power, long-range active reefer-mountable RFID tags and WAM’s refrigerated container interface technology.

Real-time operational visibility and control and alarm reporting will enable operators to remotely set and change temperature controls before and during trips.

“Our focus at Identec Solutions ports and terminals is to help clients improve operational efficiency, safety and security through adoption of advanced process automation and asset management technologies,” said Michael Dempsey, GM ports and terminals, Identec Solutions.

Mark Heck, CEO, Mark-it Services, added: “Mark-It Services and Identec Solutions are a perfect fit to develop an all-inclusive reefer monitoring solution that ports and terminal operators have been waiting for quite a while.”

For the past five years, the two companies have been delivering reefer monitoring solutions for major container terminals and port authorites worldwide.

The companies say the new agreement will expand the capabilities of the system and allow them to customise the software and functionality to meet the requirements of their port and terminal customers.

via: www.portstrategy.com