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State-of-the-art depot

Kramer Delta Depot (KCL) at the Maasvlakte is the pre-eminent example of a modern empty depot which comprises many facilities and a highly comprehensive range of attractively priced services. 24/7, Kramer Delta Depot (KCL) offers everything that is needed for the efficient storage of empty containers in the heart of the European container market. The depot has extensive cleaning facilities, a covered repair shop and a separate department for the pre-trip inspection (PTI) of reefer containers in cooperation with Seamark Reefer Services B.V.

Optimally accessible

Kramer Delta Depot (KCL) is located directly next to the company’s own RCT and DCS terminals. This also makes the efficient transport of empty containers by feeder, shortsea vessel and inland barge possible. The automatic gate means trucks are in and out of the empty depot in 10-15 minutes.

Internal lanes directly connect Kramer Delta Depot (KCL) with the large deep-sea terminals of ECT and APMT, the rail terminals, the customs scan and the Distripark at the Maasvlakte. Using own Multi Trailer Systems, containers can always be quickly moved to their right destination.


At Kramer Delta Depot (KCL), customers can reap the full benefits of EDI and the Internet. Through a secure website, the status of each incoming and outgoing container can be monitored in real-time. Using EDI, Kramer Delta Depot (KCL) each day offers customers any kind of report they might require.

+31 (0) 181 355 155

Key figures

Site:10 hectare
Capacity (TEU):15.000
PTI connections:64
Opening hours:24/7