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Always a helping hand

For many aspects in the container chain, Kramer Cargo Securing offers government bodies and companies in the Rotterdam port reliable and expert assistance on demand. Kramer Cargo Securing specializes in:

  • Stuffing and stripping of containers
  • Fumigation inspections (gas measurements)
  • Lashing
  • Customs support
  • Inter-terminal transportation
  • Special projects.

The best specialists

Kramer Cargo Securing always uses the best specialists. All our employees are experienced and constantly receive additional training. Regardless of the activity in question, integrity, safety, reliability and flexibility always come first.

Support for Customs Rotterdam

Rotterdam Customs is an important customer of Kramer Cargo Securing. In the Waalhaven/Eemhaven area, Kramer Cargo Securing takes care of all the supporting actions which are necessary for a streamlined inspection of containers. Delays to the supply chain consequently remain limited to a minimum.

+31 (0) 104 955 742
+31 (0) 104 290 511