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Comprehensive range of services

Located near the city centre, Kramer Home Depot is one of the leading empty depots in the Waalhaven/Eemhaven area. Here, customers can count on a reliable storage of empty containers and a speedy dispatch. Supplementary services such as cleaning, pre-trip inspections (PTI) and container repairs are also in good hands with our expert staff. Needless to say that service and flexibility are key.

Strategic location saves time and money

Kramer Home Depot is situated very strategically: right next to the ECT City Terminal, Rotterdam Short Sea Terminals and the Rail Service Center. A customs-approved internal lane means empty containers can always be exchanged quickly and efficiently. This saves time and, with that, money.


To ensure optimum service levels, Kramer Home Depot makes use of EDI and the Internet to the fullest possible extent. Through a secure website, customers can monitor each incoming and outgoing container in real-time. Using EDI, Kramer Home Depot each day offers customers any kind of report they might require.

+31 (0) 104 955 742
+31 (0) 104 290 511


Site:3 Hectare
Capacity (TEU):6.000
PTI connections:30
Opening hours:07:30 – 20:00 uur