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External Press release

Rotterdam, The Netherlands, June 21, 2021 – Rotterdam Short Sea Terminal (RST) and Kramer Group, announce that they have entered a strategic cooperation where Kramer Group and RST have agreed in principle to swap certain areas of their port concessions at the City Terminal Rotterdam.

RST will take over the area generally known as ‘Kramer Site’ at the Prins Willem Alexanderhaven and Kramer Group will take over RST North (Zone 10) for a considerable period. This exchange of areas will facilitate both companies to grow their businesses and further improve their service offering to their respective customers. The intended cooperation between RST and Kramer Group has been discussed with the Port of Rotterdam Authority who has expressed their principal agreement to the swap of the respective areas.

“We are very pleased entering into this agreement with Kramer Group. With RST’s recent expansion at the Westland area and with the recent addition of 3 STS cranes, we will be concentrating all our operations on the South Side from fourth quarter this year onwards.

With the addition of the Kramer Site we have more opportunities for growth. By concentrating our operations on the South Side we will be able to improve our terminal efficiency and service offering to our customers as well. We very much look forward to working closer together with Kramer Group” said Tommy Moelgaard, CEO of RST.

“We are pleased with the opportunity of expanding our footprint in the Eemhaven in order to be able to deal with increasing container volumes and to continue to service our customers from there” said Andre Kramer, owner of Kramer Group.

RST is Europe’s largest container hub for short sea shipping with direct services to Western Europe, Scandinavia, the Baltics, Southern Europe and North Africa. From its central location in the Port of Rotterdam, RST processes ca. 1.3 million TEU per year via its tri-modal connections.

Kramer Group has been operating in Rotterdam for more than 50 years. They specialise in providing depot services, barge handling, cleaning and repairing containers and reeferservices. At their current locations at City Terminal and at Maasvlakte they handle ca. 650.000 TEU per year.

Rotterdam Short Sea Terminal
Tommy Moelgaard, +31 6 12724864, T.Moelgaard@rstbv.nl

Kramer Group
Ted Holleman, +31 6 53204735, T.Holleman@kramergroup.nl