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Who we are

In Rotterdam, Europe’s leading container port, the Kramer Group offers both large and small customers the best possible services in virtually all facets of container logistics. Like no other, Kramer Home Depot in the Waalhaven/Eemhaven area and Kramer Delta Depot at the Maasvlakte are at home in the fields of container storage, container repairs and supplementary maintenance services. Customs in the Waalhaven/Eemhaven is one of the many parties which benefits from the professional support offered by Kramer Cargo Securing in the carrying out of inspections. The stevedoring activities of the Kramer Group are concentrated at the Maasvlakte. Delta Container Services, a joint venture with ECT, focuses on the handling of full and empty containers. Since 2007, the Kramer Group has also been operating its own state-of-the-art terminal for feeders, shortsea vessels and inland barges: the Rotterdam Container Terminal.

A true Rotterdam family-owned company

The Kramer Group is a true Rotterdam family-owned company, established more than 40 years ago by Marcel Kramer sr. Starting out small with the cleaning and repairing of containers, a thriving and solid company has been built up over the years. Nowadays, the Kramer Group is active in virtually all segments of the container service industry.

Second generation

With André Kramer, Port Man of the Year 2007, the second generation is currently at the helm of the Kramer Group. Spread out across all the different business units, the company has over 75 employees.


Strongly rooted in the Rotterdam port, the company wants to continue investing in the port in the future. Both in the north-westerly corner of the current Maasvlakte (Euromax Terminal) and at Maasvlakte 2, the Kramer Group has the ambition to contribute to optimum container logistics through the rendering of high-quality services.

Tweede generatie

Met Andre Kramer, Havenman van het jaar 2007, staat momenteel de tweede generatie aan het roer van de Kramer Group. Verspreid over alle bedrijfsonderdelen heeft de onderneming ruim 75 medewerkers in dienst.

“Because we are always looking ahead, we can provide you with the solutions of tomorrow today.”

André Kramer, CEO of the Kramer Group